Tea&Toast some thoughts.


Breakfast at 7am in a gallery with lots of other folk, some of them strangers.

There’s no option to flick on the radio.
No laptop. Or television.
There is a newspaper and a shelf of books, but no-one’s reading.
This is about people being with people.
Talking, sharing, munching, recounting, anticipating.
Waking up collectively.
Verdict = it’s an absolute pleasure.
It’s pushed me to reflect on the problem of lonesome breakfasting for the individual with a job.
On the mornings I work (atleast 3 days a week) my flat-mates are rarely up and about, or even if they are I am often awake too late to enjoy the day unfolding at a relaxed pace. It’s a cup of tea and piece of toast often gulped or crunched at the same time as trying to choose a jumper to wear or between stints of hair-brushing in the semi-darkness.
And so I leave the flat, having uttered minimal or no words to anyone and existing very much within my own head.
This solitary indulgence is sometimes a welcome luxury, but most of the time I want to be disturbed by at least one other human presence. I crave casual wandering conversation and for my day ahead, spent largely in the same building, with the same group of people (like many jobs) to be slotted into some kind of broader perspective…
Maybe we can make a habit of clustering for early breakfast. Any takers?

Louise x

Thank You Lot..

Big Fat Thank you to everyone who came down over the last few days.. Was both splendid and remarkable how rapidly the space developed a warm and welcoming atmosphere conducive to the success of the project.

Big Thanks to our amazing team of volunteers, Greg, Charlie, Enfys, Sarah, Mark, Joshua, Maggie and Nadia…

Big Thanks to Liam for his bubble wrap bag workshop, Dan for his images, Charlie for…… her patchwork, butter dish and bunting, Sabina for her installation, Slab balls for their sound, Prosho for his synths, Sheila for her voice, Erika for her print dept, Bernie, Kate and Johnny for their motor Cars, Haz for her Tea Towels, Mark for his movie and Topsy for his news…

Big thanks to Newbridge Space for hosting us…


a Super Big thanks to Louise De From, Iris Priest and CANNED Magazine for affording us the opportunity.

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