Tea&Toast some thoughts.


Breakfast at 7am in a gallery with lots of other folk, some of them strangers.

There’s no option to flick on the radio.
No laptop. Or television.
There is a newspaper and a shelf of books, but no-one’s reading.
This is about people being with people.
Talking, sharing, munching, recounting, anticipating.
Waking up collectively.
Verdict = it’s an absolute pleasure.
It’s pushed me to reflect on the problem of lonesome breakfasting for the individual with a job.
On the mornings I work (atleast 3 days a week) my flat-mates are rarely up and about, or even if they are I am often awake too late to enjoy the day unfolding at a relaxed pace. It’s a cup of tea and piece of toast often gulped or crunched at the same time as trying to choose a jumper to wear or between stints of hair-brushing in the semi-darkness.
And so I leave the flat, having uttered minimal or no words to anyone and existing very much within my own head.
This solitary indulgence is sometimes a welcome luxury, but most of the time I want to be disturbed by at least one other human presence. I crave casual wandering conversation and for my day ahead, spent largely in the same building, with the same group of people (like many jobs) to be slotted into some kind of broader perspective…
Maybe we can make a habit of clustering for early breakfast. Any takers?

Louise x

2 thoughts on “Tea&Toast some thoughts.

  1. When I read your post Louise it really struck me that I didn’t see who had written it at first and yet found myself thinking it could be any one of us, or all of us perhaps?

    Your thoughts and feelings about the shared breakfast experience, of thinking and engaging with company I’m totally in agreement with. I very rarely have a morning where I even sit down to eat breakfast. Usually it’s a piece of toast over the handlebars of my bike or shedding crumbs in a heap of clothes as I try to pick out a matching outfit…

    I think it would be great to share the breakfast experience more often and for it to be a real bookend to our day (the first one, not the last… unless it’s been a very late night)…

    I just wonder how, when and where that could happen?…

  2. We could instigate a Newcastle open house code, starting with a particular road or neighbourhood.
    Blue flag outside a residence = come in for breakfast.. or someone nominating their particular flat/house as a location for drop in breakfast on a specific day/time each week.


    Or maybe it’s just a case of gradually shifting mindset to incorporate meeting for breakfast as a normal social activity.

    No conclusive answers yet, but i did have tea&toast with Andy&Toby on Monday morning which was a good start! x

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